drums & percussion

God is the DJ & The rhythm is LOVE!

I love to play drums and percussion. For over 12+ years I have enjoyed working with multiple teams & contributing my skills.


Music has always been a part of life, from the crib to the grave.

As some of you know, I used to rock the mic in a number of ways here in So Cal. I have hosted different local hip hop and reggae musical events. I have been a worship director. I play basic guitar, bass, piano. I have messed with production software (FL Studio & Logic) and have made over 100 different beats. My expertise is percussion which I have played for 12+ years.



(Latin Percussion Congas/Bongos, TOCA djiembe) Currently, I play a full drum set (TAMA StarClassic) for a Spanish service of my church every Friday & Sunday. I also play percussion periodically for Cottonwood Leadership College.


As a musician, Dominic has a lot to give and teach. Dominic is dedicated to the things he loves. Dominic has so many unique qualities and is such a big blessings to us.He really is into the music he plays and is always willing to learn more-Julio Z. (Music/Worship Director- Casa De Oracion)

Dominic is a creative musician and shows up on time.  He brings a positive energy and has the ability to follow simple directions. As a speaker, Dom is powerful, I’ve seen him command a crowd and host many musical events with ease and humor. Dominic has the ability to engage any audience- Ryan S. Bruce(Musician, Worship Director-The Way Out Ministries) Featured Drummer Christafari/Dominic Balli)