My Health Journey

The Short Version= I didn’t realize how important HEALTH was until I didn’t have my health anymore

I had a few near death experiences with my health. I worked hard and lost a massive amount of weight through diet and exercise. I started walking and than became a running fool (OC HALF, LB HALF, LB 10k) I know the struggle is real, I still go up and down. However, God gave us only one life to live and with God nothing is impossible!

I was Dominic’s High School teacher and I saw growth in Dominic as he continued to seek God.Over the years we have kept in contact. To see Dominic’s recent perseverance in fitness has been inspiring to me as an athlete and coach

-Mr. Chris Jones (Teacher, Coach, Triathlon-er, Athlete)

The Full Story of My Health Journey was featured in the The Way Out Ministries February 2014 Newsletter. You can read the full story below.

189-Feb2014News-Dominic C. Martin

My prayer is that you too will unlock God’s best in your life for your family and yourself. Thank you for your support & may you also journey to a healthier you...

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